Cosmic Bubbles 2022

Cosmic Bubbles, 2022, is a silver object consisting of two parts. The lower part is a rectangular open black box, the upper part is a structure build up from 50 spheres of 4 cm diameter, which rests as a lid on the edge of the box. 

Cosmic Bubbles balances at the edge of figuration and abstraction and shows a new step in my fascination in the use of spheres. It may remind us of soap bubbles or a bunch of grapes. This way the object references the natural world but also the world of still life painting and miniature ceramic sculptures from the 18th century. 

The object received the ‘Robbe & Berking Prize’ at the Silver Triennial 2022, Hanau (D).

Polished and black patinated silver 925/1000, 26 cm x 16,5 cm x 22 cm.

Additional Info

  • Title: Cosmic Bubbles 2022 (upper part)
  • Year: 2022
  • Dimensions: 26 cm x 16,5 cm x 16,5 cm
  • Material: Silver 925/1000
  • Copyrights: All images © David Huycke, 2022